Nursery Tour

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Well, here is our beautiful baby nursery, that was finished I say at least 6 months after Biscuit was here and really really finished by the time we were shooting the nursery as a memory before we moved onto our next home. I had dreamed of that perfect nursery picture with me enjoying it with my baby bump, but the nursery was a bit crazy before baby was here as we just moved into our new condo and used the room as a staging/storage room for the rest of the house.

Biscuit came 5 weeks early, so we came home from the hospital and began the process of preparing the nursery. My mom hung all the art on the walls and that really gave it a go. We had found the pair of gliders of a facebook trading site. I have always loved blue and white and it is nostalgic of my childhood and the room I grew up in with a blue, white and yellow Laura Ashley wallpaper. While the rest of the house was bathed in pinks the baby girls nursery was blue and white!

The Matouk pillow was embroidered by my friend Betsy Childs, she used my calligraphy as a pattern and is a special touch. Many of the items in the rooms were things I had collected through life and it was so fun to style the bookshelf with them. The Orangina poster is a favorite piece of art and had always hung in my kitchen. Our new condo had an alley kitchen so there was not room for it there. I am so glad my mom suggested to hang it in the nursery, it added so much color and I am sure was wonderful for Biscuit to look at to nurture her creativity.

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Crib Sheet: Lilly Pulitzer for Pottery Barn Kids | Pillows: Pottery Barn
Embroidered Pillow: Mautouk | Bookshelf: Ikea | Rug: Urban Outfitters

Holly Hollon